John Cameron
9th February 1819 - 17th November 1894

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John Cameron was a Customs Officer in LIverpool and / or Glasgow.

Family legend has it that when John went to Liverpool he lodged with the Luscombe family in Duke Street, and that is how he met his future wife, Emma.

The famous family legend tells:
Lord and Lady Stuart lived in a castle close to Balmoral, and had, in fact, entertained Queen Victoria. They had two children, both daughters. The eldest daughter (Lady Stuart??) ran away and married the Head Gardener, John Cameron. The daughter was disinheritied by the parents. The son of John Cameron and the run away daughter was also John Cameron, and he was educated at Edinburgh University at Lady Stuart the Elder's expense (the story says Lady, and not Lord). The daughter and John Cameron may have had another son, David. John jnr became a Customs Officer in Glasgow and Liverpool, and when he retired he went to live in Dunkeld with his brother David. John later returned to Liverpool where he died.

Alice Emma Davies insisted that Lord and Lady Stuart lived at Murthly Castle, and she was convinced that if Lady Stuart's elder daughter had not been disinherited the castle would now belong to the Edmondsons. I am not sure how much truth there is in this matter and how much of it was prompted by a magazine article that Alice read about a Lord Stuart who lived at Murthly and his adventures in Canada and America in the early 1800s.

Research shows that John Cameron did indeed have a brother, David, who farmed land belonging to the Murthly Estate, so it is to here that John retired.

Unravelling the above, John and David) Cameron's mother is Catherine McNaughton, married to John Cameron. Catherine's mother, the grandmother to John and David, is Elspet(h) Stewart. Could it be that it was Catherine who ran away, and Elspet who educated John and David? There is not a very good fit with the Steuarts of Grandtully, the owners of Murthly Castle. Catherine was born about 1790. Elspet was alive to pay for university education in the 1840s. The Red Book of Grandtully states that The Honourable Helen Murray was Sir John Steuart of Grangtully's third wife. Sir John died in 1754, age 67. She died age 94 in 1809, making her 48 when Sir John died. She is stated to have no issue. Is it possible that she had in fact had Elspet? Maybe she was pregnant when Sir John died and went away to have the child? Was it scandalous in polite society that a 67 year man and 48 year woman were expecting a baby? As the daughter of a baronet. Elspet would be entitled to call herself "Lady", our Lady Stewart.

Alice Davis first memory of a birthday was her fifth (in 1892) when she travelled to Dunkeld by train to stay with her grandfather, John Cameron, jnr. John met the train on horseback and Alice rode to the house on the neck of his horse. (Some years earlier Alice had told a slightly different story of this birhtday, and I am not sure which is true. Her previous story told how she rode from the stastion in some sort of horese drawn open-top vehicle with some men, possibly soldiers, wearing kilts. Although I am not sure, I think John Cameron was along on his horse.

Alice Davies says that during the train journey she placed a row of boiled sweets along the ledge between the door window and the door, and jammed the window

I use to have a very old tin photograph of John Cameron jnr which was almost destroyed when I went to have it professionally copied. All that remains is a copy of John's face. The original photo showed him in a big great coat that Alice Davies said was part off his uniform as a Customs Officer.

All children of John Cameron have the mother given as McNaughton in the Parish Baptism record, except Janet Fruine Cameron who has the mother "McKay". This would suggest the obvious, except that David Cameron's death certificate shows his mother as McKay and David also gave the name of McKay as his wife's name on his father's death certificate. (The actual note written by Norah goes "NOTE: DAVID'S DEATH CERTIFICATE SHOWS HIS MOTHER AS MCKAY & HE GAVE THE NAME OF MCKAY ON HIS FATHERS DEATH CERTIFICATE AS HIS WIFES NAME")

John Cameron eputed to be buried at Dunkeld.

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